Display the most recent Tweets from your Twitter account right on your website. To add this application to your site, go to Control Panel > Applications and click on Get More Applications. In the next screen, select the Twitter application and click Install to add the application for your account. Once you've done this, the application will appear in the Add Content menu. The Twitter application element is added to a page in the same manner as any other content elements. Simply select the Twitter application from the Add Content menu and click on any green area of the page to apply the element wherever you want it to appear.

Just enter your User Name and the application is ready to start showing tweets on your page. You can choose the Number of Tweets you want to display, and choose to Show Elements in the Options area.

  • Poll for New Results: If enabled, updates the displayed tweets in real-time. If disabled, a static list of tweets is displayed.
  • Include Scrollbar (1): If enabled, displays a scrollbar. If disabled, no scrollbar is displayed.
  • Avatars (2): If enabled , displays user avatars for displayed tweets. If disabled, does not display user avatars.
  • Timestamps (3): If enabled, displays timestamps for each displayed tweet. If disabled, does not display timestamps.
  • Hashtags (4): If enabled, displays hashtags (as links) in displayed tweets. if disabled, does not display hashtags (as links).

Preloading Behavior
  • Load All Tweets: Loads all tweets (up to the limit specified in the Number of Tweets setting), regardless of time interval.
  • Reload Tweets Periodically: Loads tweets within the interval specified in the Interval setting (up to the limit specified in the Number of Tweets setting).

Color Scheme

  • Black
  • White

  • Set the Width x Height in pixels.