Text Links Anchors

Can I change the size, font and color of text?

The font, color and size of the predefined text styles have been carefully selected to match the feel and look concept of each particular design. The fixed number of styles ensures flawless migration between the different designs and therefore, most designs do not have the option to change the text styles. Some of the advanced designs, however, feature an extended set of font themes as well as the ability to upload your own CSS. Advanced users may also change the text styles using the HTML Snippet option.

How to I create a link on my website?

To add an external link, all you have to do is click inside the text box of the Link Selection Interface, and start typing. The set button [ICON] becomes green as soon as you've entered a valid link to help you reduce the chance of entering invalid web addresses.

Linking to an email is as simple as typing a valid email address into the text area. You can even link to a phone by just typing tel: followed by the phone number. Linking to an external secure (https) page requires that the URL starts with https://.

Whether you select a page to link to from the pull-down menu, or enter it manually, a valid link is automatically indicated by an icon that appears in front of the link address, specifying the type of link. SiteKreator has different icons for internal pages, normal (http) and secure (https) external links, email addresses, and phone numbers.


What is an anchor?

An anchor is a virtual mark of a particular spot in the text on a page. Anchors are usually added in longer pages for the purpose of creating a link to that exact place in the page. They are particularly useful for FAQ pages.


I have added an anchor in the Text and Images editor, why doesn't it appear when I select the page from link drop-down?

You need to save the new anchor (by pressing "Update" button or just Ctrl+S) before it appears in Link drop-down.


Can I paste content from other programs or internet sources inside the Text and Image Editor?

Yes, you can easily Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) content from other internet sources or documents available on your computer. When you paste the content inside the Text and Image editor all text styles will automatically be converted to match the styles of your design and preserve consistency of layout.  Please note:

  • If you are copy-pasting text and images content from a file residing on your machine, you will be prompted to upload the images. Simply copy-paste their URLs as provided in the prompt or browse to each specific image.
  • If you are copy-pasting content containing elements with active scripting (for instance drop-down menus, advanced controls) these elements will be removed on pasting inside the Text and Image editor.

Why do I have strange characters showing up inside my text content?
If your browser displays glyphs, question mark or other characters inside your page content, you need to change your encoding as follows:
1. Change your browser encoding to 'Western':
    • for Internet Explorer - go to View > Encoding > select Western European (Windows)
    • for Mozilla Firefox - go to View > Character Encoding > select Western (Windows-1252)
2. Change the encoding for each of your pages: in the Admin mode of your site, click Control Panel and select Page Properties. Open Special Features panel and from the Encoding dropdown select Windows 1252.