Photo Albums

This tutorial will help you add and manage your photos by setting them up in photo albums on your website. Please contact Divine Design for your initial setup and follow the instructions below.

After you are logged in to your Site Mechanic, please find your Photos page on your website. To add a new album, roll over the thumbnail area until a blue outline appears around the section. Select the green plus sign in the top right corner. You will then need to select where you would like to place your new thumbnail. Available areas will be indicated by green lines.

After you select your area, a pop up box should appear where you will upload your thumbnail picture along with naming your new gallery. (See picture below) Upload your thumbnail by clicking the orange browse button and finding your photo. You must then put the name of your gallery in the Image Caption section of the box.

In the same pop up box, click the Options arrow and a drop down section should appear. Be sure that the options read as the picture below. The sub-gallery option needs to be selected and the name needs to be changed to your new gallery name. Click Add.

Your new thumbnail should appear on the photo gallery page. You may adjust the location of your thumbnail by rolling over your picture, rolling over the blue wrench, and then selecting Move.

The next step would be to upload your images. Be sure that all your photos you wish to upload in this gallery are compressed into a zip file. This will make the process easier in adding all the photos at once.

First, click on your thumbnail you just uploaded for your new gallery. A new page should appear for you to add your photos.

Add An Image Gallery

To add a new Image Gallery to your web page, reach for the Top Admin Menu and select Add Content > Image Gallery - green rectangles will appear to indicate the locations where an Image Gallery may be added. Click on the desired location and the Add Gallery dialog will appear where you will choose from the available visualization (you can change the gallery visualization at any time).    


After you choose your options, Click Add at the bottom left corner. You will then upload your zip file by clicking the orange browse button. After the pictures are done loading, the loading bar will disappear. Click Add at the bottom left corner. Your photos will then appear on your page.

To add a title and a "back" button to your page, simply use a text area by Add Content > Text Area and selecting a space to put your text. The title should be placed above the gallery and the "back" button should be below the gallery. It also will need to be linked back to the photo gallery page. (This step is encouraged to be more user friendly to your online visitors) See picture below.

For more information on Image Galleries, see more tutorials HERE.