PayPal Buttom Application

The PayPal Buttons Application makes it easy for you to you add various payment buttons right on your website. You can add Buy Now, Add to Cart, View Cart, and Donate buttons to any page on your site with only a few clicks.

To get started, go to Control Panel > Applications and install the PayPal Buttons application. Once you've done this, the application will appear in the Add Content menu. The PayPal button element is added to a page in the same manner as any other content element. Simply select the PayPal Button from the Add Content menu and click on a green area of the page to apply the button wherever you want it to appear.

Note: the PayPal Buttons cannot be added inside a Text and Image editor. It is only designed to be added as an individual element. When used in combination with the Sections Group element, you can create a layout very similar to what you could do with tables inside the Text and Image editor.

Once you choose a position on the page and apply the element, the properties for the PayPal Buttons application will open:

Enable the "advanced settings" at the bottom-right or the properties area, and additional settings will appear allowing you to add different options and features, depending on the selected button type.

Buy Now Button

You can enter the optional item details, and if you'd like you can apply your own image to customize the look of the button.

  • When buyers click the button to make a payment on your website. The button brings your Buyer to a secure payment page where they enter their name, credit card, and billing information.
  • Next, your Buyer will designate their shipping address and confirm payment for the total amount.
  • Your Buyer will see a Successful Transaction page and can click to return to the designated page on your website.
  • The payment amount is instantly added to your account, and both you and your Buyer will receive email receipts detailing the transaction.

Optional Fields

Quantity Option:  Customers will be able to set quantity on PayPal's Checkout page
Item Type Option: Add multiple items with unique prices. There is an additional Item Type Option for adding additional options; e.g.: colors

Text Field:  Add up to two text fields for client comments and feedback.

Add to Cart Button

To let your customers buy multiple items, apply the Add to Cart button on your website using the same steps as above.

Let’s say you run an online T-shirt company. Your innovative designs range from clever to cutesy. A customer may want to buy a “sweet pea on board” shirt for a pregnant friend and a “weirdo and proud of it” design for a brother. With an Add to Cart button from PayPal on your site, your customers can buy several types of T-shirts at once.

View Cart Button

You need to create only one View Cart button, regardless of the number of Add to Cart buttons that you create and add to your website. Place several copies of the View Cart button on your website, wherever you want to let buyers view the their shopping carts and its current contents and to begin the checkout process.

Donate Button

To accept donations, put a Donate button on your website. Creating the button is easy, and donors can then click the button to make donations. Let’s say that you are an animal rescue organization needing to raise funds to provide care for animals. You can easily add a donate button to your website and make it safe and convenient for supporters to give to your cause.

Optional Fields