Open A Page using lightbox-style effect

A lightbox allows a site visitor to clicks on a picture or link on a page that then opens into a larger pop up. Lightbox is a simple, unobtrusive script that's easy to setup, and works on all modern browsers.

Use the following steps to turn links on your site that have #lightbox in their URL, into a pop-up layer with a close button (and a scrollbar - if needed).

To create internal links with a lightbox bookmark
1. Create a Splash page. This is where the large version of the image / video file that opens in the lightbox will be located.
2. On the same page, Add an anchor named: lightbox
    This anchor will cause the URL for the splash page to be appended with #lightbox
3. Publish the Splash page.
4. Return to the page where the lightbox pop-up will open.
5. On this page, using a text or image create a link to the anchor page, created in Step 2. This "link" will open the lightbox window on the page.
6. Download the Lightbox.txt file, and copy the code into an HTML Snippet on this same page.
    This code can be modified to change the size of the lightbox.
7. The lightbox setup is complete.

Click the following images to see how the lightboxes will appear on the page: