Media Library

The Media Library is an application that makes for easy management and search of your audio files. To get started, go to Control Panel > Applications and install the Media Library application. Once you've done this, the application will appear in the Add Content menu. The Media Library element is added to a page in the same manner as any other content element. Simply select the Media Library from the Add Content menu and click on a green area of the page to apply the Library wherever you want it to appear. A pop up box will then appear.

This is your library information. Indicate the title of your library along with search option, description option, and items per page. Then click "Add" at the bottom of the box. Your media library should then appear on your web page.

You can edit the colors of your media library by your Control Panel at the top right corner of your screen. Go to Control Panel > Media Library.

The four main colors of your library should appear and can be changed by clicking the colored boxes and using the color chart.

To add files, select "Add New File" under your library title at the top of your media library. Another pop up box will appear. Select the first "Browse" options and select the file you wish to upload. Fill out the "Name" of your file along with the Description and File Order. Your File Order number indicates where it will appear in your list. 1 being the first file.

Lastly, in the same pop up box under "Associated Attributes", type in the date for the file. Then click "Add" at the bottom corner of the box.

Your file should then appear in your media Library.