Mailing List

Using the Mailing list feature you may add email subscription forms to your site and send mass emails to all subscribers. You may create an unlimited number of mailing lists, and visitors may subscribe to one or several of them. The Mailing lists also allow you to restrict access to the whole site, a given page, and files or original gallery images to the chosen list's subscribers. In addition, you may notify all members of a mailing list as soon as new updates have been published on a given page. The mailing list also provides an unsubscribe option which may be appended at the end of each message.


How to add a mailing list

To access the mailing list management area click the Control Panel option on top right and choose Mailing Lists.

In the popup that appears you will see the options to create a new mailing list. You also have the options to Create an email message and view the log (history) of sent messages - these options are inactive (grayed) and will be activated as soon as you have added your first mailing list.


 To add a new mailing list click the   button.



Choose a Name for your mailing list and define whether the users should confirm by email the subscription to this mailing list. The subscription confirmation will ensure that the email address subscribed to this mailing list is valid.

After you have added the mailing list it shows up in the main Mailing Lists interface.




Here you may also see the number of subscribers, number of emails sent and date of creation for each mailing list.


To send an email to the subscribers of some mailing list use the  button. If the Add Unsubscribe Link is checked, an unsubscribe link will be automatically appended to the end of each message.

To view all sent emails click the  button. While here, you will also be able to check the sending status of your recently sent messages (if they are still being sent out).


From the Actions panel you may modify the properties of each Mailing List, add subscribers, change the subscription messages as well as delete each Mailing List.

  • To change the properties of some mailing list click its Edit Edit This Mailing List icon. You can change here the name of the mailing list and enable or disable the subscription confirmation for it.
  • To see the list of subscribers of a given mailing list click the Show Subscribers Edit This Mailing List icon. You will be able to add new subscribers or delete the existing ones. The subscribers interface is also accessible when you click on the Mailing List Name.
  • To edit the default subscription confirmation and welcome messages that are sent to the mailing list subscribers click the Mailing List Subscription Messages Edit This Mailing List icon. You can define the email address used as From email and select appropriate encoding for your messages from the Encoding dropdown.
    You may insert the following wildcards in your subscription messages: $name, $site, $confirm_url, $unsubscribe_url. These wildcards will be automatically replaced by the name of your mailing list, your website URL, URL for subscription confirmation and the unsubscribe URL.
  • To delete a mailing list use the Delete Mailing List Delete This Mailing List icon. If this mailing list is referenced from some Mailing List form or from the Form editor, however, you should first remove all references, publish the changed pages and only then will be able to delete the mailing list.


How to add a mailing list subscription form

Your site visitors may subscribe to a mailing list on your website only after you have added a Mailing List subscription form. To add a Mailing List Form to a page simply reach for the top menu and click Add Content > More > Mailing List Form. Green rectangles will denote the locations where such a forum may be added. Select the desired location by clicking on a green rectangle and a popup with the Mailing List Form properties will be displayed.



From the Mailing List dropdown choose the mailing list to which the visitors should get subscribed. To create a new mailing list choose [New Mailing List] and type a name for your new mailing list in the adjacent field that shows up. This name will be used to identify your mailing list when you refer to it from the Forms editor or other areas on your site.

The Alignment defines the position of the mailing list subscription form on the page.

In the Email Field Prefix you may enter the text to be displayed in front of your subscription form. E.g 'Enter your email in this box'.

The Button Label is the text on the button that the visitor should press to get subscribed to this mailing list.

From all options, only Mailing List is mandatory.


Press Add and the mailing list subscription form will be created. After you publish your page, your site visitors may start subscribing to your mailing list.


Advanced mailing list features

With the mailing list feature you may restrict the access to your site or any given page to the members of a given mailing list. Check the Access Control section of Page Options and Site Properties for more details. Similarly, you may restrict the access to different resources on your site such as a file added in file area.


You may also use the mailing list functionality to automatically notify all members of a mailing list as soon as new updates have been published on a given page from your site. This option is available in the Additional Options section of Page Options.