Add Pages

How many pages can I add on my site?

You can add an unlimited number of pages with as much content as your account storage allows.

How do I add a page without listing it in the Navigation Menu?

  • Click the New Page label at the top left of your site in Admin View.
  • Fill in the page title and deselect the "Add to Nav Menu" check box
  • Press "Add"

The newly added page will not be listed in the navigation. You can link to it from other pages on your site.

Can I make some pages on my site available to select users only?

Yes. You can easily restrict access to any page on your site with a password or based on users' membership to a mailing list on your site.

  • Click the Control Panel label at the top right in your website Admin and select "Page Properties" from the menu
  • Click on "Show Options" to open the "Access Control" section
  • In the "Password" field define the password
  • From the "Allow only for members of" dropdown select the mailing list whose members you wish to have access to this page
  • Press "Update"

Can I create an option for paid membership on my site?

Yes, you can easily set up paid membership on your site by following these steps:

  •  Set up appropriate Access Restriction (by email and password) on all pages and resources you want to make available to paid members only.
  • Then add a PayPal button on a public page of your site so, visitors can use it to pay the membership fee.

Once you receive a payment notification from PayPal, you'll need to add the person's email address to the mailing list used for the Access Protection and send them the password required for viewing the protected resources.


Can I set a Page Not Found within my site?

Yes, you can. Having your own Page Not Found will help you catch requests to pages that do not exist on your site without losing any traffic. See how to avoid losing traffic using a custom not-found page.

How do I make an Under Construction page or keep visitors from viewing my website until it is ready to go public?
By far the most elegant way to do this is to create a temporary homepage, which can be done in a few easy steps.
Create a new page that has your Under Construction design and message and set it as your homepage. You might want to use a Splash-page layout or hide the menu from visitors to keep them from browsing your site.

You might also want to make sure that search engines don't index your site while you work on it by adding a special robots.txt file to your site.
We've created a ready robots.txt file that will do this. You can download the file here, after which you will have to upload it to your Site Static Files by going to Control Panel > Site Properties > Special Features > Site Static Files while in Admin view.
Don't forget to remove this file when your site goes public!

Using this technique, other pages of the site will still be accessible if the visitor knows the exact URL to these pages.

Alternatively, you could make all or part of the site accessible only with a password or for members of a mailing list by setting a password in the Access Control section of Site Properties or Page Properties respectively.

A combination of the two techniques creates a publicly accessible Under Construction page and gives you full control over who has access to all the other pages of the site.